Looking for foster parents!

* Read what the payment is and do you suit the requirements needed to become an foster parent    

The foster care team of the Municipality of Burgas is in the process of recruiting, selecting, evaluating and training candidates for foster parents who to look after children  aged from 0 to 3 years. They can be voluntary and professional. Within a four-month survey, candidates undergo mandatory training by qualified professionals.

A civil contract for fulfillment of a social service will be signed with the approved professional foster parents.    

The monthly remuneration of professional foster families is calculated as follows:

* For raising a child - 150% of the minimum wage;

* For raising two children - 160% of the minimum wage;

* For raising more children - 170% of the minimum wage.    

Based on the accommodation agreement, and in accordance with age, a monthly subsistence amount to the guaranteed minimum income (GMI) is determined in the following way:

* For a child from 0 to 3 years - 4 x GMI

* For a child from 3 to 14 years - 3,5 x GMI

* For a child from 14 to 18 years, and if he / she is 20 years old - 4 x GMI

* For a disabled child accommodated in a foster family - supplement of 1.2 GMI.    

For more detailed information on the foster care social service, we are looking forward to 24, Sheinovo Str., Floor 3, room № 20.

Telephone: 056 / 84-13-68 - Frontier team of foster care - Burgas.