One of the symbols of Borgas - the Gramophone was dismantled and taken to storage. This is due to the beginning of the reconstruction of Bogoridi Street.

Gramophone is one of the symbols of Bourgas and is located on the oldest larch of Bourgas - Bogoridi Str.

The municipal councilors in Bourgas today voted to build a new kindergarten in Meden rudnik, which will be named “Pinocchio”.

The first stage envisages the construction of a kindergarten building for two kindergartens groups with 22 children each and two clusters with 18 children, working and service rooms, 4 separate playgrounds, a mini-football and basketball court, a fence, a field.

The “Bourgas Likes the Young” Initiative organizes a kukeri demonstration on October 31st at 17:00. A loud procession will start from the Compass on the main street and end in front of the building of Bourgas Municipality. It aims to create a mood among the passers-by and show that there is also an attractive alternative to Halloween fears.