They sell a disco of Nikolay Banev for debts to the municipality of Sozopol

Businessman Nikolay Banev is on the way to lose the cult chalga disco “Vision” in Sozopol because of debts to the municipality. For the third time, the pub, popularly known as “Theodora” Disco, is offered at a public auction by the private enforcement agent and the previous two times - in 2013 and 2015 no buyer is found.

The property, owned by Helio-tours-AD, behind which is the millionaire Nikolay Banev, is located on “Republikanska” Street in Sozopol. It has built-up on one area of 950 sq.m and is located on a plot of 3414 sq.m. Bidding in the auction, which was announced on June16nth, will start at BGN 944,700 Lev.

Nikolay Banev owes Sozopol Municipality: property tax BGN 81 315.56, municipal waste tax 342 853.74 BGN and tourist tax BGN 2 719.