Where is the cleanest and most dirty water of our sea

A check showed that the sea is cleaner to the south.

To the south, the water is clean in places like the Silistar beach and the stripes along Ahtopol, Sinemorets, Tsarevo, but also in the busier resorts Dune and Sunny Beach, Smokinya campsite, as well as the beaches in the towns of Sozopol, Bourgas and Pomorie.

To the north, the water is cleanest on Shabla, Rusalka, Obzor and St. Vlas.

Although in the norms, the water is dirtier in Asparuhovo, Galata and Karadere to the north and in Chernomorets to the south.

Higher levels of some bacteria are survey in Irakli, St. Constantine and Helena, Kabako, Kamchia, Shkorpilovtsi, Byala, Pasha dere and Golden Sands.

The highest levels are the bacteria levels at the Officer's Beach in Varna.