Repair bridges in Bourgas region

In 2016 it is planned to be repaired several bridges in poor operating condition on the territory of Bourgas.

It is in performance the design and construction of a new bridge over the River Ropotamo at km 16 on the road III-992 Vesselie-Yasna Polyana. The existing facility was destroyed by floods in 2014. Currently, traffic moves in a temporary ford before the construction of the new bridge. With the selected contractor - consortium "PH - ROPOTAMO" has signed a contract for 2 million Lev VAT.

In December last year was open a procedure for selection of contractor for repair and restoration work on the overpass at Chengene scaffolding of road II-99 Bourgas-Tsarevo. The indicative value of the contract is 180 thousand Lev, VAT excluded.

Finish the design of repairs to bridges at km 8, km 9 and culvert at km 10 on the road III-9901 Tsarevo-Ahtopol.

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