In Ahtopol caught trafficker with 54 foreigners on 4 sq. m in bus

A man from Bourgas was captured in Ahtopol, while carrying 54 foreigners in a van "Iveco" on unhealthy their way, according to the prosecution.


The man was arrested on September 7th at 21:30.

In the van, on an area of 4.25 square meters, were discovered 54 refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The carried persons are 32 men, 16 children and six women. The children are age between 2 and 12 years. They were discovered after the van was stopped by police officers from the GPU - Tsarevo for verification.

The driver Calcho Ivanov was convicted of theft and misappropriation of the vehicle. It expected him to be charged. Earlier, the Interior Ministry announced that two drivers transporting illegal immigrants were detained in Breznik.

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