Bozhidar Dimitrov raised in alarm the mayors of Tsarevo, Sozopol, Bourgas and Aetos

The municipal council of the Turkish town of Kırklareli (Lozengrad) has provided to Bulgaria ownership of the land on which was built the cathedral church in the town "St. Spiridon" collapsed in the 40s of XX century.

Bulgarians have emigrated from Kırklareli /Lozengrad/, occupying houses and properties of Greeks left in coastal towns Ahtopol, Tsarevo, Sozopol, Bourgas and also in some contemporaneous coastal villages near the Black Sea as Aetos.

The director of the National Museum of History Bozhidar Dimitrov has raised more in alarm the mayors of these towns, of which he is an honorary citizen, and asked them to assist in raising funds for the construction of the church.

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