Why more and more young Bulgarians choose Denmark?

With the accession of Bulgaria to the EU, for many Bulgarian students the Scandinavian country is becoming a desired destination to receive quality education. One of the main reasons for this choice is the free education for European citizens. 


The only thing what the yung people need to prepare is the high standard of living. This, however, do not worry because many of them have the opportunity to receive a scholarship (SU), which is worth around 1400 Lev. It is granted to students who work at least 10 hours a week as they do not require high success. Average hourly pay is between € 10 and € 20 per hour. They are difficult to compare, but we will remind - the Bulgarian scholarship is 120 Lev in achieving success than 5.50. 

According to the Bulgarian students from Aalborg the costs would are the same in Bulgaria, where the quality of education has long standing question. 

Some go to teach, others to work there, because their work is well paid.

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