Waiting medal from Ajtos fighter

Over the weekend, on 11 and 12 January, the club wrestling "Ajtos" will participate for the first time in state championship for men in "Universal" in Sofia.. Since the end of 2012, in the club not only train children and teenagers, but three filed in the group of men, all three graduates sports school in Bourgas.


With expectations for a medal is loaded Mustafa Ali 55 kg category - until national champion in adolescents. Mustafa is 20 years and for the first time out on the mat for the fights of men. Mehmedali Tefik did the first contestant on the Supporters Club in 2008 , which will compete in the 84 kg category, and for him it's debut in men. In the team is still Osman Qadir - cat. 95 kg .

Now the club is preparing for the Republican wrestling for boy , which will be held in Sliven in early February .

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