Buy a rural house for 7-8 thousand Lev

Cheap rural houses near Bourgas can be bought at a cheap price.

This is clear from the offers of private enforcement agents.

The bidding for a house in the village of Polski Izvor (pictured) starts at BGN 8,000.

The built-up area is 48 sq.m. Views are made and offers are submitted until October 18nth, and the auction is on October 19nth at 13.15 o’clock.

In Sungurlare there is a house of 86 sq. m for 7528 Lev. The building is on Izgrev Street 34. The views and offers are in the same term and the auction will be held on October 19nth at 11:45 am.

For 12 180 Lev there is a 170 sq m house in Malko Tarnovo, 8 Rodopi Str. The price proposals are submitted by October 26 and open on October 27nth at 13 o’clock.