Bulgarian exhibition goes to the Louvre

1628 exhibits found in the Bulgarian lands, will present the magnificence of the Thracian art in the Louvre.

The exhibition will open on April 15th and will stay until July 20th in the Paris capital.

First go 25 most valuable artifact described in a special list, explained the National History Museum.

Among them are granite stone inscription found between September and Vetren near Pazardzhik, embossed lion of marble limestone with polychrome decoration with special dyes and a statue of a young man dating from the creation of Apollonia Pontica. Kouros headless is the earliest statue found in Bulgarian lands – on the peninsula Atia.

In the Louvre will be exposed and monumental stone relief of the goddess Cybele, dated from the late sixth century BC. It was opened in the center of the old town of Sozopol.

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