Bulgarians still like Russia

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Bulgarians still like Russia, but do not believe it can be a model for their development and provide

them with more reliable guarantees for the security and prosperity of membership in the EU and NATO. This is the main conclusion of studies commissioned by the European Council on Foreign Relations study of the sociological agency "Alpha Research" Public attitudes regarding the conflict in Ukraine and Bulgaria's position.

Although the annexation of the Crimea and Ukraine in the conflict, the emotional attachment of Bulgarians towards Russia remains high. And after the events of the past year, 54% have retained their positive attitude towards it unchanged, and another 7% said they sympathize with it even more than before the annexation of the Crimea.

About 40% Russia's actions in this conflict has negative attitude. Of these, only 9% said that they had a negative attitude towards Russia and before the conflict, and 30 percent have changed their position because of its policy towards Ukraine.

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