Bulgarians do not want to pick strawberries in Spain

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Because there is no wish to pick strawberries in Spain the Employment Agency changed working conditions.


The age limit is extended, it is increased by two years. It’s looking for 350 women aged between 20 and 42 years. Another change is the application deadline - until January 13, instead of January 8, as announced initially.

Proposed by employers in gross pay is 39,48 € / day (net 38,08 € / day after deductions for social security, health insurance and income tax). They bear the cost of transport to Spain, which is then deducted from the first salary of the worker. They pay return to Bulgaria for the employer if the worker stay until the end of the campaign (around mid-June 2015). Appointed time is 6.30 hours per day; work on six days a week.

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