Hacked burgasdream.com from Paris

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At 8:03 pm is the last entry from Paris, at 8.04 pm - the site collapsed.


Near 5 hours burgasdream.com was sidelined and its readers had not access to it. Our IT specialist made us a full analysis of the reasons, taking into account recent entries on the site. Trilingual version was also sidelined.

The last entry on the site was a French visitor, as the account is from Paris. The visitor proved a hosting company, which is quite unusual.

Besides Bulgarian and English versions of the site proved to be hacked and burgasdream.ru, Russian website which has a Russian hosting. BG and EN versions that are quite different server were also razed.

Hours after the site was restored it became clear that there are cyber attacks against other sites, too. Around 19,000 French sites are subjected to hacker attacks over the past four days, said the head of the cyber defense of France Admiral Arno Kustiyer. According to him, this is unprecedented in scale attack against French sites, it’s a work of "hackers Islamists", members of the radical terrorist groups.

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