Villa zone Rossen will not be cut off from the world

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New bridge over the river Otmanliyska again will connect the world with villa colony Rossen. The materials were donated from Bourgas port.


The contract was signed by the Executive Director of the gate Diyan Dimov.

The iron bridge in the suburbs of Rossen was brought in one of the last year's floods. 82 number of families have houses there, said one of the residents - Radoslav Petrov.

"32 families live in the upper part and in practice, when the river Otmanliyska is swollen, they are cut off from access to their houses", said Petrov.

The donation from the port, which was received yesterday consist of metal parts with which to build a new bridge. These include two metal beams with a length of 7 meters, 4 support structures of two meters and 6 transverse ribs, which will be installed in parallel to the supporting beams.

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