BGP Workshop Plovdiv

BGP Workshop Plovdiv. This is a free event - Siteground HQ Plovdiv, „Svoboda“ 65А.

Everyone participating is expected to bring their own laptop, that can run Linux or an OS with a BGP capable network daemon.

You will then configure VLANs between you and two ISPs and two Internet Exchanges(IX) and finally add VLANs to your neighboors.

After that, you will setup IPv4 and v6 BGP sessions with each participating party.

At the end of the event we will also play with BGP communities, local_preferences and if someone wants, ECMP.

Anything more advanced can be discussed during the event.

We will have one or two 48 port managed switches. 

The routers of the two ISPs and two IXes are Linux Containers running Bird 1.6 or 2.0