Bulgaria extends to the Pacific Ocean

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In today's of the "global village" in which we live, it seems almost unnecessary to try to redraw the borders. 


This does not mean that it can not increase the territory of our country. Bulgaria may become greater with whole 27 thousand, square kilometers. This will happen if the country joins the island territory, almost as big as Belgium. This offer is made to the President Rossen Plevneliev from the businessman V.B. 

Floating island is formed by a volcanic eruption in 2012 and is located in the Pacific Ocean about 1000 km north of New Zealand, he wrote to the head of state. 

V.B. alone organized an expedition to conquer the island, taking advantage of a vacuum in the international law. I sent people at the place to put there the pennant of the company, says 


Now the island is listed as an asset of an offshore company owned by Bulgarian businessman. 

Furthermore the island Bulgaria will receive exclusive economic zone in the Pacific with an area larger than the Black Sea, also claims V.B.

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