Looking for 20 000 BG programmer

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Developers are one of the hottest job staff in the country. Currently about 20,000 software professionals do not reach our country for the needs of IT industry. 


The profession attracts higher wages compared to other areas - a junior programmer without experience began working with a starting salary of 1,000 Lev, which quickly grows up, according to the data of the industry. 

According to the Professor of computer science and software developers in the University "SoftUni" Svetlin Nakov the students start working after the first year of training and it is almost guaranteed, informed  iNews. 

"We have organized a kind of exchange - on one side are the companies, on the other - the students. Companies can choose their candidate," he explained. 

To deal with programming, however, it is most important for the students to have a logical thinking. Statistics show that 20-30% of people who begin to learn a programming, ended, and the rest are simply unable to cope.

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