Two islands within the National Park "Bulgarian Black Sea"

The beaches near the sea will enter the National Park "Bulgarian Black Sea". It is proposed to cover 52,400 ha area.


The scope of the park will become the natural parks "Golden Sands" and "Strandja", reserves "Kaliakra", "Kamchiya" and "Ropotamo", managed reserves "Baltata", "Atanasovsko lake" and "Sand lily".

Durankulashko lake, Shablensko lake, Aladza monastery, Yailata, Iraqli, the lake of Pomorie, Bourgas salt pits, Poda, Uzungeren and Chengene skele will also be covered by the park.

In its scope will be the islands of St. John and St. Peter, "Silistar", "Stamopolu", "Swamp /Blatoto/", "Kolokita", the estuary of Veleka and "Aromatic Mattiola".

A plan for the establishment of the national park "Bulgarian Black Sea" is subject to public discussion.

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