Gold of Khan Kubrat arrived in Bourgas

Regional History Museum and the Municipality offer again an attractive exhibition the attention of residents and tourists.

This year, after Panagyurishte, Rogozen and Vulchitrun treasure here visited the exhibition "Memories of a Greater Bulgaria: Treasure of Khan Kubrat from Malaya Pereshchepina". The gold already arrived at the museum.

The treasure includes a royal scepter, riton, utensils, belt connectors, etc., which are a part of the 800 subjects, found more than one hundred years near the Ukrainian village of Malaya Pereshchepina. Its total weight at the opening is about 75 kg - 50 kg is silver and 25 kilograms of gold items.

The exhibition will open on May 21st / Saturday / 18 h at the Archaeological Museum.

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