Child with a disability passes at home in Atia

Center for family-type accommodation in Atia, Sozopol municipality, is currently home to 11 children and youth with disabilities.


Children themselves are presented at a seminar on the project "Development of a system for planning and provision of social services at the regional level", which was held at the Aqua Hotel in Bourgas.

Since they live in their new house the girls and the boys have a significant progress in its development thanks to the efforts of staff and the Centre for social rehabilitation and integration. One of them, who was in a wheel crust, even toddler.

"From the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy received a letter that the money for the upkeep of the center are provided. They are about 126 000 Lev. From the municipal budget allocated a further 50,000, "said Katya Stoyanova Deputy Mayor of Sozopol.

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