Popular performers and dancers join in a concert for the 10-year-old Antonio

Popular performers and dancers are joining a joint charity concert to help 10-year-old Antonio Georgiev from Burgas. It will be held on October 11 at 18:00 at the State Opera in Burgas.

The Toni Dimitrova and Rafi Boysiyan loved everyone in the fundraising campaign for Tony's treatment. Together with them on stage will also come out Burgas artists Lydia Stamatova, MEIA and Preslava Minasant. Another lady will sing a charity for little Tony. This is the rhythm and blues singer Santra.

The women's team is joined by singer and journalist David Souknarov, hip-hop performer VessoU and ARTi.

Their full support in the charity campaign was made by the choir "Milka Stoeva", the KTT "Burgas Dolphin", led by Teodora Ionova, Dune Ballet, Black Style, FTA "Nikola Ginov" and Karat Club "Nikon".

Conducting the concert will be Zlatka Dimitrova, famous for its charity causes, and the journalist from POWER FM Petar Genchev. Tickets for the concert will cost 10 and 20 leva. You can buy them at the Opera-Burgas or NHHC cash desks.

One hour before the start of the concert, a charity bazaar will be held in the Opera House. On it will be sold sweet and salty delights, homemade cakes, and homemade lemonade.

There will be a stand for souvenirs, handmade articles, toys. In a specially decorated photo session, anyone who wishes will be able to enter for a few minutes as a photographer.

There are boxes in 7 places in Burgas where everyone who wants can help with Antonio's treatment. Their exact location is:

- State Opera Burgas;

- Burgas municipality;

- "Zvezdichka Arena" Sports Center;

- "Kamenica Arena" Sports Complex;

- Sports Complex "Future";

- Arena Arena OZK;

- DS Home Stores in Burgas at 1 Maritsa Str., North Industrial Zone and in Ravda, opposite Aqua Paradise Aquapark.

For several years, Antonio suffered from a multi-lesional left anterior frontal lobe tumor. In February of this year Dr. Gerganov from the INI Hanover Institute of Neurosurgery reviewed the boy and recommended, given the location and age of the child, that the tumor be removed operatively.

The cost of the intervention is 50,382 euros. Parents have applied to the Children's Fund to fund treatment, but so far no response has been received, which is why a donation campaign has been launched.

Up to now, a small portion of the required amount has been collected.

To collect funds for Antonio's treatment a bank account was opened:

IBAN BG44BPBI79374026270301


Donation box is placed on the ground floor of Burgas Municipality.

Funds are collected through donor samples at DMS ANTONIO at 17 777.

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