Malko Tarnovo disappears, shared Primorsko

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Municipality Malko Tarnovo, which numbers less than 2,000 residents will move to the municipality of Tsarevo, Primorsko municipality settlements will be shared between the municipalities of Sozopol and Tsarevo. 


Municipality Sungurlare also falls within the plan of the administrative reform. 

The idea of optimizing the municipal administration and consolidation of municipalities was launched by the Government of GERB during their mandate, as their plans for the Bourgas region are aimed mainly at winning marine communities. Sources of said that Sungurlare Municipality will enter into the plan only as a political bargaining coin with DPS because the municipality itself is not particularly attractive and has many unresolved problems over the years. 

Now Sozopol Municipality sues for an appetizing region on the border with the municipality of Primorsko, which the former rulers to protect sleep through. In the preliminary plans of the new administrative-territorial division Vesselie, Yasna Polyana and Pismenovo go within the municipality of Sozopol. 

Tsarevo municipality will receive a huge territory. On the one hand - the villages of the municipality of Malko Tarnovo, on the other - the lands of New Panicharevo, Primorsko and Kiten. 

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