Darobas - wine from French vineyards grown in the Stryama valley

We present the participants in Wine July Fest 2017, which will be held on June 30th, July 1st and 2nd at the Flora Expo Center in Bourgas.

Here you will be able to taste the "Darobas" brand wines.

Wine complex  Darobas offers to connoisseurs wines produced from their own crops, cultivated by certified elite seedlings of famous French, Italian and Spanish peppeniers.

On one side are the slopes of Sredna Gora, on the other side - the most beautiful part of Stryama valley, from the third - roses, and next to it, as far as your eyes come - vineyards. Somewhere in the middle there is the village of Pesnopoy. At this place is situated the Darobas wine-growing complex.

FIAL Ltd. is an importer of certified vine seedlings from the company Bourguet et fils, France, which specializes in the production of certified seedlings.