Atia and Varna dropped out of the race for the NATO base

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Started bidding on where will be the command NATO base in Bulgaria.

There were reports that it will be situated in Varna, even in Atia, because in the last ten years the Bulgarian Navy is dislocated mainly in the south of Bourgas. Moreover, Turkey refuses to establish a new NATO base on the Black Sea, so as not to spoil relations with Russia.

Shabla is another place that inflects as a command center of NATO. Nearby is the military airport of Dobrich.

Command NATO base near Shabla will aim mainly maritime traffic monitoring.

For years considered that Russian influence in Varna is particularly strong. It is no secret that the city is considered to be preferred by organized crime in the former Soviet Union, wrote standartnews. Not accidentally the command of NATO in Southern Europe is situated in Naples, where the Mafia in Italy is strongest. And obviously in our country the approach is the same.

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