Dilma Rousseff opened an exhibition with a map of Strandja

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Map of Strandja will participate in the exhibition in Brazil, which will be opened by the president with Bulgarian roots Dilma Rousseff.

This was announced during the closing conference of the "Strandja / Yildiz Mountains without fire" the author of the map Stephen Peykov.

It is in scale 1: 100 000 and its size is 110 to 130 cm. The card includes fully Strandja Mountain in Bulgarian and Turkish part. It has caused the towers for surveillance, fire landfills, reservoirs and helipads, and everything related to fire fighting both the Bulgarian and the Turkish side.

Exhibition of cards in Brazil will be held in July. Each country participates with one map, and from Bulgaria it will be crafted in Bourgas  - the map of Strandja.

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